10 Days In: Already an America I Don’t Recognize

By Eric C. Bauman

Through only a short time in office, President Trump has signed far-reaching executive orders that add his own brand of lunacy to a once respectable office.

When Trump signed an order to begin construction of his multi-billion dollar ‘border wall’, he proved his intention to maintain his divisive tactics from last year’s campaign. But when he reiterated that he believes he can somehow get Mexico to pay for it, he proved he is downright delusional. And when he signed the additional orders to set in place the framework to begin the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, he proved that he has truly crossed a line and is planning to make real all of our worst fears.

Unfortunately there is no end in sight, as Trump made clear his plans to stick to his draconian campaign promises of enforcing a ‘Muslim ban’ and put an immediate halt to all refugee admission and resettlement until vetting processes are updated to include screens based on ideology and attitudes. And just in case you had any doubt about whether these executive orders are meant to specifically target Muslim applicants, they provide priority for admission and waivers of the ban from the all Muslim-majority nations to those claiming religious persecution only if ‘the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.’

Like President Obama, I am heartened by the civic engagement around the country in opposition to this ban. Our protests at LAX this weekend show that California Democrats refuse to sit idly by while our residents get uprooted from their homes, lives, and families, and our nation is turned into something we can’t even recognize as our own. We look forward to working with Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra, Outside Counsel Eric Holder, Senate President pro Tempore de León, Assembly Speaker Rendon, Mayors Garcetti and Lee, and Democratic leaders throughout the country to join in the fight against these inhumane and un-American over-reaches of the Trump administration.

Eric C. Bauman is Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party and Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.