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  • Fresno Assembly Seat Will be Safe for Dems After Arambula Departure

    With Assemblyman Juan Arambula's depature from the legislature in 2008 announced yesterday here, Democrats are already laying the groundwork to keep the seat in the Democratic column.

    Fresno City Councilman Henry T. Perea is lining u

  • Legislative Republicans Vow “No Obstruction”

    According to an AP story that hit the wires this morning, the new Assembly minority leader, Mike Villines, R-Fresno, says Republicans don't intend to "just come in and be obstructionists."
    I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Schwarzenegger Hires New Flack

    The job of Governor's press secretary is one of the toughest in the Administration — I know from first-hand experience. Not only do you have to please your boss, but you also have to keep the press corps relatively happy. And you never h

  • A Health Care Plan that Makes for Kids, Democrats, and Schwarzenegger

    All sides agree health care is the paramount issue in the capitol for 2007.
    In the Assembly plan I am announcing today, we emphasize prevention and wellness; cutting out red tape and government from medical decisions while empowering docto

  • A New Year for Democrats

    The New Year is a traditional time for making resolutions and setting goals. As we Democrats prepare to take control of Congress in 2007, it’s time for us to make some of our own.

    Republican failures may have been enough to sweep D

  • Golden State Not So Golden for Romney?

    A few weeks back former GOP chair Shawn Steel posted on the FlashReport that Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney had brought aboard former Pete Wilson fundraiser Anne Dunsmore of Capitol Campaigns in Los Angeles to lead his presidential fundraisi

  • Team Us

    Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today named the remaining members of her leadership team. Among those on the list are two more California Democrats. Xavier Becerra was named Assistant to the Speaker and Juanita Millender-McDonald will chair t

  • Can Polling Location Influence How Voters Vote?

    Where you vote may influence how you vote.
    That's the conclusion of a study by Stanford University Graduate School of Business doctoral candidates Jonah Berger and Marc Meredith, along with associate professor of marketing S. Christian

  • California as ATM

    In what seems like a cyclical, and somewhat tiresome, tradition among California newspapers, the LA Times today ran the latest incarnation of the "California as ATM" story.

    With nearly two dozen contenders jostling for an ear

  • Schwarzenegger Wins “Republican of the Year” Award

    Get a load of this: The National Journal, the prestigious DC politics/policy magazine group that also publishes the political junkie newsletter "The Hotline," has awarded Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger an honorable mention in its "R

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