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  • Gay Rights and Wrongs

    Over the past three days, a scandal’s been a-brewin’ in the halls of Congress, and for once, Jack Abramoff was not involved (Richard Pombo and John Doolittle can breath a brief sigh of relief). Mark Foley, a Congressional Republi

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons

    I applaud John Diaz and San Francisco Chronicle for their efforts to make a debate a prerequisite of their endorsement for statewide offices. The exchanges may be the only time we’re going to be able to see the down-ballot candidates face each

  • No Hardballs Here

    A couple of interesting items from the MSM blogs today, neither of which will sit well with Barb, Ann or the other "gals" at NWN.

    Dan Weintraub in the California Insider gives his perspective on the conference call by Bush-Cheney

  • Christmas in September

    Justin brought SexyBack. The Redskins win a game and thankfully won¹t be the last winless team in the NFL (my money is on the Raiders for that sad distinction). L&O returns with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday nights (if you don¹t

  • Pass the Hat

    In today’s Sacramento Bee, Clea Benson writes:  

    "Schwarzenegger has been milking the governor's power to sign bills and his celebrity to powerful effect in recent days, pulling out all the stops at elaborately

  • 40 Days Is A Lifetime in Politics

    Yesterday was a banner day for the California environmental community and a bitter pill for Phil Angelides.  Still, as much as it personally pains me to say this, I think it's worth noting that the last time a Governor staged a star-studd

  • John Doolittle’s Jane Fonda Moment

    The year is 1973. With American POWs returning home from Vietnam, alleging that they were tortured in North Vietnamese prisons, Jane Fonda declared that she had not seen any evidence of abuse during her visits to the country. "[T]he POWs are

  • More Funny Money for Poizner

    As I mentioned the other day in a posting here, GOP Insurance Commissioner candidate Steve Poizner isn't practicing what he preaches when he says he won't  take insurance money for his campaign. Once again, it appears Mr. Poizner has

  • Latino Gut Check

    I see the latest PPIC poll has Arnold getting about a third of the Latino vote. In July, he was at 12 percent. If I were Angelides, I wouldn’t go down so quietly with this critical component of the Democratic coalition.

  • Count on Bush to Forget California

    You can say this for George Bush: he’s consistent. Wrong,
    but consistent.

    True to form, the Bush Administration once again
    short-changed California’s ports on security funding.

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