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  • “Working Californians” IE Weighs in for Chiang

    An independent expenditure committee has launched a radio and direct mail campaign for Democratic Controller candidate John Chiang.
    "Working Californians" today released a radio spot called "Enough Chances", as well as

  • Obligatory Halloween Blog!

    Those jokesters at the California Young Democrats today delivered some props and costume ideas to the Governor's office. Among them:

    Duke Cunningham Prison Jumpsuite — We've heard that Doolittle and Pombo have the same costume

  • So Much for Arnold the Enviro

    Despite all the election year greenhouse hoopla, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's environomental rating has slipped to a medicore 50 percent, according to the Conservation Voters of California 2006 environmental scorecard released today.&nbsp

  • Poizner, the billionaire “Reformer”

    Steve Poizner, the billionaire, who is spending oodles of his own money running a sanctimonious campaign for Insurance Commissioner, says Californians should vote for him because he doesn’t take money from insurance companies.


  • Hoover Poll: Garamendi, Bowen, Chiang — plus Feinstein and Lockyer — With Solid Leads

    Here's the best poll I've seen for down-ticket Democrats. The Hoover Institution is predicting a "Demcratic tidal wave" — pretty impressive coming from a Republican "think tank" (and I use that oxymoron loosely).

  • New Zogby Poll Puts Angelides in Striking Distance

    Today's Zogby poll shows the gap between Governor Schwarzenegger and Phil Angelides closing to under nine points. The poll has the Governor with a 47.6 to 38.3 lead — yet another poll that shows Schwarzenegger failing to break 50 percent

  • Biggest Campaign Blunder of the Year? Bonnie Garcia — Again.

    Fresh off of her foot-in-mouth comments about Governor Schwarzenegger in front of a class of schoolchildren in La Quinta ("I wouldn't throw him out of my bed"), Republican Bonnie Garcia has done it again.

    Yesterday, her

  • The Tidal Wave is About to Hit State Capitols

    Tuesday's New York Times profiles the often ignored state legislative races.  This Halloween story is likely to scare the heck out of Republicans.  According to the Times, the Democratic tsunami is likely to wash Republicans ou

  • Is the Golden State Going to Share Some of the Fun on November 7th?

    In October, Dubya came to campaign for Doolittle and Pombo.  Now, Laura Bush is heading to Rocklin and Pleasanton to try to save what should be easy wins for Republicans. The most popular member of the First Family will be in California on T

  • Intuit had millions ready for Westly too

    Here's a predicate to the story about Intuit dumping $1 million into the campaign against John Chiang for controller.  After the primary, I found out from a very good source that Intuit had actually hired a prominent Republican consultant

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