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  • Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack Throws His Hat into the Ring

    Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, a centrist Democrat, announced today that he'll be running for President.
    Vilsack has some California ties, such as ex-Angelides communications director Amanda Crumley and a number of contributors, and did an

  • New Study: Education Reform Still Needed

    If you had any doubt that Democrats should continue to make education their front and center issue, then this new study from Children Now, a national educational reform advocacy organization headed by former Democratic Assemblymember Ted Lempert,

  • War Room

    My three weeks working in the “War Room” of the Angelides campaign on a break from my job in the Capitol reminded me of one thing: the press corps sometimes trips all over itself in covering Arnold Schwarzenegger as a personality rather tha

  • Ackerman Challenge Underway for Senate GOP Leadership Post

    Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman has failed to nail down the votes he needs to win re-election to his post as Senate Republican leader at the Senate Republican leadership retreat that got underway today, sources tell the California Majority

  • The “Termliminator”?

    LA Weekly has a nice piece out tonight on the right turn of the Republicans in the Legislature and how Arnold could take advantage of it (which would help Democrats push through their agenda, again).
    Here's the link and some excer

  • Republicans Choose Another “Just Say No” Leader

    Our right-wing friends at the Flash Report finally beat us to the punch in finding out who will be running the show for the Assembly this year, reporting that new Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines has selected Assemblymember Bob Huff of Di

  • Umberg Exploring a Run for Supervisor?

    Our friends at the red-meat-for-a-red-county OC Blog are quoting Assemblyman Tom Umberg’s Chief-of-Staff as saying that his longtime boss is exploring throwing his hat into the ring for Lou Correa’s soon-to-be-open Orange County Super

  • Mayor Villaraigosa: Help Wanted

    Mediacentric LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seems to be doing a housecleaning of his press shop. Some of the current shop is heading to Intergovernmental Affairs, some to DWP, and others are moving on from what must be high stress posts.

  • Schwarzenegger Signals Intent to Govern Like a Democrat While Confounding, Criticizing Republicans

    While watching our newly re-elected Governor take his “Blue State Republican” bow on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday (transcript here), I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for Mike Villines and Dick Ackerm

  • Newsom Announces Re-election Bid

    San Francisco Gavin Newsom, who expressed some doubts about running for re-election a few weeks ago, apparently has decided to take the plunge. In a fundraising appeal I received last night, Newsom outlines his accomplishments (from health care t

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