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  • John Edwards: Whaaaaaaat’s the deal?

    It struck me in the shower this morning, errrr I mean this afternoon (the life of a blogger), what’s the scoop on John Edwards, the other top tier candidate? Hillary and Obama had their noted disagreement last week, resulting in mixed opini

  • Self-Described “Asian Supremacist” Hates Blacks, Everyone with a Clue Appalled

    Once in a blue moon, a story appears that is both shockingly repugnant and hilarious at the same time. As reported in the Chronicle and elsewhere, a San Francisco-based Asian-American weekly with a circulation of 48,000 has published a ridiculous

  • Grassroots Peace in LA?

    For those Northern Californians who may not know, LA established a system of neighborhood councils in 1999. The fact is, this charter reform measure was a response to the mid-90s case of secession fever. So, along came the councils to empower gra

  • Whose Family Values?

    In my inbox today, Human Rights Campaign urged the swift passage of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, up soon for consideration in the House, which would expand current hate crimes legislation to include homosexuals. While it

  • Historical Perspective

    AP has researched the history of partisan presidential nominees to assess how they fared on Election Day.  In a main story, the stories show a trend towards Reps lining up early behind their eventual nominee, while the Dems' early leader

  • And, The Oscar goes to … President Gore

    I am hip-deep in preparation for my annual Not-Yet-World-Famous Oscar Party — a ten year old tradition for Californians in DC. At least since the Kennedy campaign in 1960, the DC-Hollywood connection has been strong. And, I do my little part

  • Presidential Candidates and Illegal Immigrants in the Fast Lane

    How the Front Runners Lost Their Edge

    Time argues that Clinton and McCain have "lost their edge" for different reasons. Writer Joe Klein wisely qualifies his statements by saying that all candidates have ample opportunity

  • Who?

    Iowa Governor Vilsack will end his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination later today. Despite being a very popular figure in Iowa, he was trailing Edwards, Clinton and Obama in his own state and has little name ID outside of Iowa. In a

  • Redistricting Initiative in the Works

    The League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and Ted Costa's "People's Advocate" are expected to submit papers to the Attorney General shortly that will put yet another redistricting initiative on the ballot, two leading political

  • “Father of the Recall” to be GOP Communications Chief?

    Rumors are flying in Sacramento that incoming California Republican Chairman Ron Nehring is set to announce that the party's new communications chief will be Eric Hogue, the acid-tongued, ex-pastor turned right wing radio host who anointed him

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