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  • Schwarzenegger/Bush Strategist Matthew Dowd Disillusioned with the President

    Tomorrow's New York Times will feature a surprisingly frank interview with former Schwarzenegger/Bush strategist Matthew Dowd. The revealing portrait describes Dowd as "the first member of Mr. Bush’s inner circle to break so public

  • Bizarre Quote of the Day

    From Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s meeting yesterday in the Governor’s Council Room with mayors (including Friends of CMR Mayors Newsom and Villaraigosa), police chiefs and legislators to discuss how to combat gang violence in Cali

  • How the Right went Wrong, Part II

    As a Democrat still suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder of the 2000 and 2004 elections, I leave open the possibility that we’ll find a way to squander our seemingly inexorable momentum, but, for now, I present to you today&rsq

  • Targeted by National GOP, McNerney nearing $300K in Campaign Funds

    The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) is launching another round of attacks at freshman Congressman Jerry McNerney, including 100,000 emails into his district to be followed by an aggressive attack ad campaign. The Stockon Record prov

  • Nunez to Presidential Candidates: Count our Votes, Not Just our Money

    Speaker Fabian Nunez inaugurated Courage Campaign’s ATMWATCH, a direct follow up to moving the California primary forward to February 5, 2008. In an email and video to Courage Campaign’s members, Nunez invited Californians to enter a

  • Winners and Losers in the PPIC Poll

    Forget the headlines you'll see in the papers and on the news tonight. Here are the winners and losers in the PPIC's poll.
    Winner: Sen. Hillary Clinton. She holds a double-digit lead over Sen. Obama and former Sen. Edwards among lik

  • Richardson on the Daily Show Tonight

    The west's lone candidate for President, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, will be yukking it up tonight on The Daily Show. Friends of mine who've worked with Richardson say he is quick witted, so this should be worth watching.

  • Boxer, Feinstein put Senate Vote on Iraq Over the Top

    Kudos to California Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein for helping Senate Democrats thwart a Republican attempt to strip the Senate Iraq supplemental appropriations bill of language calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops fro

  • Conservative Republicans Fumble the Prison Issue

    Remember the "Peanuts" cartoon where Lucy moves the football away from Charlie Brown, and Charlie falls flat on his face? The debate over prisons seems to be shaping up that way, as some conservative legislative Republicans yesterday sho

  • Stop the Presses: Dan Walters and I Agree on Something

    It's not too often that the Sacramento Bee's right-leaning columnist Dan Walters and I agree. But he hits the nail on the head this morning with his column and an accompanying headline that I'm clipping for my direct mail files: &quot

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