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  • PPIC Poll: Voters Want Term Limits Reform, More Bonds, Like Arnold

    Republicans should be shaking in their roots because of the new PPIC poll released tonight. It shows voters have an appetite for increased bond spending for bonds to pay for schools and other infrastructure projects, favor the proposed tweaking o

  • Edwards in San Jose on Thursday

    Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will be winging into San Jose on Thursday, with one of his events a small-ticket ($15) fundraiser.
    Called "Small Change for Big Change," the grassroots fundraiser is begin held at San

  • Clinton to California for “Major Campaign Announcement,” Fundraisers

    Senator Hillary Clinton will touch down in California for two days later this week, where she is expected to pick up a major endorsement and raise some serious campaign cash.
    On Wednesday at 330 PDT, she will be at the Krieger (Bellagio) Ce

  • McNerney Blogs About His Vote Against the War

    Congressman Jerry McNerney, who took a lot of heat from progressives for his last vote on Iraq, this time defied Democratic leadership and voted no on the bill to pass the federal budget. Here's his explanation.

  • Court Laughs U.S. Term Limits Out of Court in Challenge to Ballot Summary

    The courts have thrown out a suit by U.S. Term Limits challenging Attorney General Jerry Brown's title summary on the term limits reform initiative.
    Gale Kaufman, Chief Strategist, the Committee for Term Limits and Legislative Ref

  • California League of Conservation Voters Endorses Senator Oropeza in 37th Congressional District Race

    The endorsement tit-for-tat continues in the 37th Congressional District race to replace the late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald. Most black politicos have lined up behind Assemblymember Laura Richardson and most Latino politicos have l

  • Let the GOP Dirty Campaign Begin Against McNerney

    Can't say we didn't know this was going to be ugly, but I didn't think the mud from the National Republican Congressional Committee would be flying so early.
    The Contra Costa Times blog is reporting that the GOP has kicked off

  • Hillary Clinton Campaigns to the Music

    Last week, Senator Hillary Clinton committed herself to people-powering the audiophilic portion of her campaign by allowing you, the everyday working stiff with a broadband connection, to vote for her official campaign song. Well, the first round

  • Rasmussen Poll: Voters Trust Democrats on Every Issue More

    I don't know why it is I'm fixated by polls in the last several days, but here's another one I like. This one is a national poll by Rasmussen that tracks which party trusts more on key issues.
    According to Rasmussen, "Democ

  • $2 Million Anti-Health Care Reform Campaign Set to Roll

    Blue Cross and its business and insurance allies are poised to roll out a $2 million advertising campaign in the next few days designed to defeat the health care plans that are advancing in the legislature and being proposed by the Governor, the C

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