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  • Update: The Endowment Launches $6 Million Pro-Health Reform Campaign, the Largest to Date

    According to Dr. Robert K. Ross, President and CEO of The California Endowment, this new campaign — launching tomorrow on television, print and Internet media in all major markets — will invest an impressive $6 million over six weeks

  • Ackerman Has No Exit Strategy Except Preserving His Job

    The Senate Republican Leader has a new nickname among Capitol insiders: Dick "7-11" Ackerman.
    Why "7-11"? Because he never closes.
    That's the pickle Senate Republicans are in as the budget impasse drags into

  • Just 15 Bucks to See John Edwards in SF

    "You shouldn't need to fork over $2,300 to meet a presidential candidate. You shouldn't need a paycheck with nine zeroes in it to rub elbows with a fellow American. And this Wednesday, John Edwards has made sure you don't. All yo

  • Yet Another Pro-Health Care Ad Buy in the Works

    Tomorrow morning, the California Endowment is announcing a major multi-million dollar ad buy on television, Internet, and print encouraging California policy makers to enact comprehensive health care reform this year.

    Says the advisory:

  • Mean-Spirited Senate Republicans Get it Wrong on CalWORKS

    The Senate Republicans who are talking to themselves over at the Department of Misinformation (a.k.a., The Flash Report) have harped on what Sen. George Runner called a "gold-plated" welfare system. This morning, Sen. Jeff Denham, once

  • California Democratic Party Launches “GOP Triangle of Corruption” on Its Website

    The California Democratic Party today unveiled its new website feature "Triangle of Corruption" to remind voters that unfortunately, in the three Southern California congressional districts of Jerry Lewis, Gary Miller, and Ken Calvert, t

  • Jerry Lewis’s Passion for Home Improvement Turns Out to be Deeper than Previously Thought

    In a rather unsurprising development, it turns out that the King of Congressional Earmarks, California’s own Rep. Jerry Lewis, has directed far more than the previously reported $500,000 earmark to help beautify the Washington D.C. neighbor

  • The Budget According to Art

    CDP Chair Art Torres today issued the following statement:

    "California is fast approaching one month past the constitutional budget deadline, and obstructionist Senate Republicans continue to place partisan ideology above the well

  • Republicans Tanking Among Young Voters

    Smart move by the California Democratic Party to boost the goal for attracting young delegates to the party convention yesterday. A new survey out today shows that Republicans are tanking among young voters.
    The Democracy Corps poll shows t

  • California Dems Announce Delegate Plan

    CDP Chairman Art Torres sent an email to state central committee members today summarizing the state's plan for selection delegations to the National Convnention in Denver next August.
    It's certainly one designed to make sure the ev

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