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  • Torres to Allege Fraud in GOP Power Grab Initiative

    CDP Chairman Art Torres will hold a press conference on the North Steps of the Capitol on Thursday with the Executive Director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) to detail allegations of fraud and talk about their continued effort to

  • My West Wing Nightmare: President Rudy “Dirty Tricks” Giuliani

    Dear Readers,

    My name is Bradley Whitford and I am an actor.

    OK, if you want to stop reading now, I won't blame you…

    Still here? Thanks. I totally understand your skepticism. I usually cringe when heady celebr

  • Poll: Voters Reject Electoral College Power Grab Initiative

    California voters resoundly would reject the GOP's tricky initiative to steal the state's electoral votes by a 53-22 percent margin, according to a new poll out today.
    Even Republicans (46-22%) join Democrats (59-20%) and Independen

  • Pelosi Fires Back at Bush

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi unleashed the cannons after President George Bush attacked the Democratic Congress. Here's her statement:

    "You would think that the President would take pride in the New Direction Congress' bipartisan

  • Orange County Sheriff Carona to Wear Orange?

    One of the top Republicans in the state, the politically-ambitious Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, has been indicted on federal corruption charges, the Los Angeles Times reports today. 
    Carona, who once told CNN he was flirting wit

  • Kos Praises Hillary Clinton

    Yesterday's Daily Kos featured this fascinating post by its founder (who spoke at the Assembly Democrat's policy seminar earlier this year). Seems the king of the netroots is enamored by Hillary's efforts on the campaign trail. As of

  • Fresh Meat

    Governor Schwarzenegger may not need to retire from politics when his term ends in 2010. A Field Poll released yesterday found that Schwarzenegger has a one-point lead over Senator Barbara Boxer in a hypothetical election scenario.


  • Is Kids Health Back on the Table in Congress?

    According to Congress Daily, House Democratic leaders are meeting tonight with key Republicans to see if it's possible to craft a deal on children's health care, known as "S-CHIP." If the Congressional GOP was smart (I know, tha

  • GOP Presidential Candidates Finally Visit Fire-ravaged Southern California — To Raise Campaign Cash

    Better late than never, right? The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that while the Democratic presidential candidates have weighed in with monetary donations, messages of support and have urged Californians to offer assistance to the fire vi

  • As Southern California Burns, Presidential Candidates Show True Colors

    (Hat-tip to David Dayen at Calitics)

    After four days of wildfires in Southern California, the presidential field can be roughly divided between those that care about the tragedy and those that don't. Amazingly, almost to a person, th