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  • Young Dems Make a Pitch to Recruit Delegates

    Are you interested in learning about becoming a Delegate to the California State Democratic Party?

    Tonight at 8pm, Crystal Strait, Political Director of the CDP, will host an online training. (RSVP to for

  • A Response to the $140 Billion Windfall Given to US Banks

    Today we learned the US Treasury Department—without any apparent legal authority—made a sweeping change to the tax code that gave US Banks a $140 billion windfall, and then tried to hide the action from Congress. This is unacceptable

  • Obama’s Historic Win in California

    Barack H. Obama’s win in California is one for the record books. His 60.9 percent share of the vote is the highest ever for a non-incumbent Democrat and the fifth-highest of the 40 presidential elections since statehood in 1850. Not since t

  • Real Economic Plans Don’t Penalize Working Families

    Governor Schwarzenegger’s new economic plan is bad politics and even worse policy. California’s working families did not create this economic crisis and they should not be forced to pay for it by giving up their unemployment benefits

  • Bass Leads Biggest Gains for Democrats This Decade

    Assembly Democrats won three open Republican seats in yesterday’s legislative contests, bringing their numbers  to 50 – only the third time that Democrats have been at that high water mark in 30 years and only the second time thi

  • Ruminations on the 2008 Election, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Exit Polls

    1.   President-Elect Obama is a transformational political figure who managed all at once to expand the electoral playing field, dramatically increase the number of players and rewrite the rules of the game. Anyone who thinks this is al

  • Barack Obama, President

    Yes, we can.

  • Voter Roles Exceed 17 Million Statewide for First Time, Democrats Reap Gains

    With more than 17 million voters now registered in the state, Democrats hold a 2.3 million registered voter advantage over Republicans in California. Democrats and Republicans now represent 44 and 31 percent of the electorate respectively, with d

  • Making Sense of the Muckslinging

    The Agribusiness Big Shots opposing Proposition 2 are spewing out so much manure that it’s hard to keep up on this blog alone. And I don’t just mean the literal manure which is illegally dumped into local water supplies, and which is

  • Feinstein, Brown and Dems Lead Way Against Prop. 5

    The No on 5 campaign launched its television advertising and the unexpected star is none other than California’s Senior Senator and possible gubernatorial candidate Dianne Feinstein – opposing the official position of the California De

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