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  • Leading California Edwards Backer Jumps to Clinton

    With Sen. John Edwards departure from the presidential race yesterday, all eyes are on where his California supporters will go. According to today's Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles trial lawyer Tom Girardi, one of the state's most politic

  • Should California GO FIRST IN The 2012 primaries?

    I've been a big fan of the Legislature's move to push up the California primary to Super Tuesday. But last night I heard this commentary on NPR by Slate editor Geoffrey Andersen that proposes to make the Golden State numero uno in the nex

  • Kennedys (3) Endorse Clinton in the LA Times

    Senator Ted Kennedy, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy's endorsement got a splash in the New York Times on Monday. But here on the left coast, three other Kennedys are touting their support for Senator Hillary Clinton in the paper of

  • LA Times Poll Gives Prop 93 a Boost

    After two polls showed Prop 93 dead even, the LA Times is publishing a poll showing it up: 50-46 percent.
    The opposition from Prop 93 is being funded by bizillionaire and insurance company buddy Steve Poizner, who has dumped more than $2.5

  • Edwards Talks California Issues

    Here's something you don't see everyday: a presidential candidate highlighting California's federal funding inequities. Included below is a press release and letter from former Senator John Edwards to Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger, ur

  • Carpenters Union Blasts Democrats on Health Care

    There's been plenty of blistering press releases after yesterday's health care vote, but this one from the Carpenters was one of the most partisan. It lets Republicans off the hook.

    "What’s happened to the Democrats?

  • And Here in California … Speaker Nunez Reacts to State of the Union Address

    Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles) today released the following response to President Bush’s State of the Union Address:

    "In his final State of the Union Address George W. Bush reminded us why America is so eager to move o

  • Clinton, Obama, Edwards React to the Final Bush State of the Union

    Here's statements from Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, and Senator Edwards on the President's State of the Union.

    Senator Hillary Clinton:

    "Tonight President Bush claimed that the state of our union is strong. And

  • I, Steven Maviglio, Have a Better Chance At Being President than Rudy Guiliani

    News that former New York City Mayor Rudy "911" Guiliani has dropped to a distant forth in the Zogby Poll, pretty much seals the deal for the fate of his campaign.

    Yet it was only a couple of months ago that former Schwarzenegg

  • Clinton Still Holds Double Digit Lead in New LA Times Poll

    Sen. Hillary Clinton holds a 17 point lead over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama among Democrats in a new LA Times poll. "Democratic women continued to power her effort, siding with Clinton by nearly a 2-1 margin," says the article.

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