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  • More Cutbacks in Sacramento Media

    The incredible shrinking Sacramento press corps is getting even smaller.
    The Los Angeles Daily News is shutting down its Sacramento (and Washington, D.C.) bureau. That means that the paper's lone writer, Harrison Sheppard, will be retur

  • The Race is On in the 46th Assembly District!

    There’s a four-way race underway to determine who will succeed Speaker Núñez to represent the 46th Assembly District in Los Angeles. Ricardo Lara kicked off his campaign today by rolling out some major endorsements from the Sp

  • Future of the LGBT Legislative Caucus

    Currently the Legislative LGBT Caucus consists of 5 members:

    Assemblymember John Laird (Caucus Chair), Assemblymember Mark Leno, Senator Christine Kehoe, Senator Carole Migden, and Senator Sheila Kuehl. Because Proposition 93 did not pas

  • Bass to be Next Assembly Speaker

    Los Angeles Democrat Karen Bass, the Assembly's Majority Leader, will be elected Speaker-designate of the Assembly on Thursday morning, the California Majority Report has learned.
    Bass will be the first African-American woman to hold th

  • BREAKING: Majority Leader Karen Bass to be Next California Assembly Speaker

    The Capitol Weekly got the scoop:

    "Assemblywoman Karen Bass captured the speakership Wednesday night to replace Speaker Fabian Nunez following a round of closed door meetings.

    Bass, a Los Angeles Democrat and the Assemb

  • Take Back our Country in 2008 — 25 People at a Time!

    Let me cut to the chase.

    We know that the most effective way to get our Democratic message out to the voters in this critically important election year is by friends talking to friends, neighbors talking to neighbors.

    Our Party

  • Issa Falling Short for Republicans “Get Off Your Ass” Dinner

    If you thought it was just California Republicans who can't rub two nickels together, you'd be wrong. That also seems to be the case in the nation's capital.
    There's a nice story on today about the troubles of n

  • Republicans Contributing Big to Redistricting Measure

    While the packagers of the latest attempt at redistricting are trying to brand it as "bipartisan" in naming Steve Westly as co-chair yesterday, it appears that it is being bankrolled by major Republican donors and long-time contributors

  • Schwarzenegger in Washington: All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt?

    You'd think the guy who promised to be the "Collectinator" and who stumped for President Bush in his re-election would be able to do more than whine about the lack of federal funds for California and the Administration's pulling

  • California Republicans, McCain Campaign Predict John McCain — Down 27 Points in California — Will Win the Golden State in November

    Fresh off their latest circular firing squad gathering known as the CRP Spring 2008 Convention, California Republicans are already making bold predictions about their candidate’s prospects in the Golden State this November.
    In spite o

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