Monthly Archives: June 2008

  • School Lunches: The Latest Casualty of Budget Cuts to Schools

    For any elected leader who still doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the impact of  budget cuts to schools, today’s article in the Novato Advance, "School lunches pinched by budget," should make it crystal clear &#821

  • Transparency in Judicial Selection Process

    Assembly Bill 2095, authored by Assemblyman Mike Davis (D-Los Angeles), cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, June 24th and is expected to be considered by the full Senate as early as next month.

    AB 2095 seeks transparency in t

  • Speaker Bass to Introduce Obama Tonight in LA

    Assembly Speaker Karen Bass will have the honor of introducing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama tonight at a gala in Los Angeles. Senator Obama will be appearing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of The Los Angeles Music Center.

  • SURVEY USA: Obama With 12 Point California Lead

    Senator Barack Obama holds a commanding 53-41 percent lead over Sen. John McCain in the presidential race in California, according to a Survey USA poll released today.
    Democrats have flocked solidly behind Obama; he is favored by 78-16 perc

  • “Cuts-Only” Budgeting Locks in Inadequate Funding for Schools, Students

    After already enduring half of a billion in budget cuts this year alone, resources for California’s already underfunded schools and students continue to be depleted. State budget proposals that implement further cuts, or fail to include cos

  • Virgina Senator Webb to Visit LA

    This Sunday evening, June 22, 2008, at Town Hall Los Angeles, Democratic United States Senator Jim Webb of Virginia will discuss his latest book, "A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America," with activist and radio show host D

  • Democrats Condemn Republican’s Budget Tactics

    Republican legislators have made it clear they intend to exploit California’s budget crisis to push through policy goals that are unrelated to the budget situation. Assembly Speaker Karen Bass replied to their proposals with a simple, &ldquo

  • Web Report Mortgage Crisis

    As the mortgage meltdown in America continues to cause stress and strain for thousands of families, Assembly Democrats in the California State Legislature are working to reform the mortgage industry, hoping the proposed regulations will mitigate t

  • California Democratic Party Positions on Ballot Propositions

    At its executive board meeting this past weekend in Millbrae, the California Democratic Party voted to take the following positions on ballot measures that have already qualified or will likely appear on the November 2008 statewide ballot.

  • Speaker Bass Working For More Federal Funds for California

    State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) has concluded three days of talks in Washington DC with federal lawmakers in an effort to secure more federal funds for California. California currently receives only 79 cents for every dollar we p