Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • California Republicans: The Party of Slogans

    California Republicans have revived Nancy Reagan’s 1980s slogan “Just say no.”

    Assembly and Senate Republicans have just said no to the Democrats’ budget proposals. And, today, Senate Republicans just said no to t

  • Convention Wrap-Up

    Terrific convention! Senator Obama was excellent, hitting the themes of change, competency and strength, making it clear that the Republicans have squandered the strength and potential of America. It was as good as it gets with  80,000 energ

  • Assembly Approves Farm Workers Rights Legislation

    The California State Assembly has approved Assembly Bill 2386, the Secret Ballot for Farm Workers bill by Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Núñez (D-Los Angeles).  Speaker Emeritus Núñez says it’s clear the c

  • Education Coalition Opposes Senate Budget Proposal that Hurts Students and Schools

    The Education Coalition announced opposition to the Senate budget proposal being voted on today that would slash billions from California’s schools and students, and give the Governor authority to make cuts in the middle of the school year,

  • But Wait, There’s MORE!

    Schwarzenegger and Co.’s flagging campaign for the Prop. 11 redistricting scheme is starting to sound like a late-night infomercial. One minute, it’s "voter’s first." Next, it’s "political reform." And

  • High Speed Rail Fast Tracked to November Ballot

    Bullet trains are already used extensively in Europe and Asia and now that the Governor has signed legislation by Democratic State Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani (D-Tracy) high speed rail is back on track in California. Assemblymember Galgiani&

  • Scenes from the Convention: You Asked for Party Unity

  • DNC 2008: 1st Day Thoughts

    Powerful first night! Michelle Obama displayed the class, intelligence and decorum of a first lady. Ted Kennedy, the Lion of the US Senate, delivered another powerful speech calling up the best of America.

    Denver cops are tough, no-nonse

  • Provides Window Into How Budget Crisis Harms Californians

    As the drawn out budget negotiations continue, advocates have launched  to tell the powerful and deeply personal stories of how lives are being turned upside down by California’s budget mess. Inspired by everything from Y

  • Dean Andal’s Endless Summer of ScAndal

    Dean Andal will likely look back on the summer of 2008 as “the endless summer.” Ongoing fundraising woes, plummeting ratings from political observers and the ongoing San Joaquin Delta College scandal (in which the developer Andal and