Monthly Archives: February 2009

  • GOP Senators Endangering Jobs, State Finances, Public Safety

    This morning California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) and State Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg joined U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for a news conference at the state capitol. In a meeting with the Assembly and Senate Democratic Caucu

  • State Needs Budget Now

    The California State Assembly is poised to approve a compromise budget package to deal with the state’s $40-plus billion budget deficit. During a news conference regarding a new Assembly task force charged with maximizing the expected federa

  • Where I Stand on the Budget Proposal

    My job and your government’s job are to protect your job today and tomorrow. California’s legislators are left little choice but to swallow hard and accept a very bad budget deal put together in secret without any public hearings and

  • Meg Whitman’s Campaign – What’s Old is Not so New…

    Cross-posted on News 10. 

    With today’s announcement that Republican Meg Whitman had opened her campaign exploratory committee to run for governor, I expected the usual healthy dose of spin that accompanies a good candidate rol