Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Assembly Budget Chair Noreen Evans Creates Budget Blog

    Closing California’s budget gap will be a tremendous task. The
    challenge reflects the historic drop in our economy – and we have less
    time and fewer options than ever before. With so much on the line for
    our state, I wanted to crea

  • Bring Back Representative Democracy

    Has anyone noticed that the 1911 Progressive Era additions to the California constitution, namely the provisions allowing initiatives and referendums, have run this state into the ground? Yes, it’s taken nearly a hundred years, but we now l

  • How Voter Frustration with the Governor and Legislature Doomed Prop 1A

    The message against Proposition 1A wasn’t sent by the “TEA Partiers.”
    It was sent by Californians who are fed up, not with taxes, but with failed leadership in Sacramento. With the Governor and Legislature at or near rec

  • Who is going to rescue California from this Shipwreck?

    With the shipwreck otherwise known as California’s budget crisis making most Californians feel like castaways marooned on a deserted island without the basic necessities, three GOP gubernatorial candidates have emerged claiming to have the

  • In Democratic Radio Address, Speaker Bass, Assemblymember Coto Discuss Budget

    In the weekly Democratic radio address, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) and Assemblymember Joe Coto (D-San Jose) discuss the governor’s May budget proposals. They say while much work to address the budget situation remains to be

  • Organizing for Change and Putting Change in Your Pocket

    Today I’ll be joining Vice President Joe Biden in San Diego to promote job growth in California. At a time when California’s unemployment rate is at 11.2 percent, the highest rate on record, it’s certainly premature to declare t

  • Protecting Marine Life

    Today, Californians from across the north central coast will converge on Sacramento to talk about ocean health.  Dozens of divers, fishermen, and environmentalists will crowd into the Resources Building auditorium to stand before the Fish an

  • With Props in the Balance, 42 Cities Declaring “State of Fiscal Hardship”

    Some 42 California cities (with dozens more expected) have or are scheduled to pass a resolution declaring state of severe fiscal hardship between now and June 2. A list of the cities, provided by the League of Cities, is to the left.


  • Speaker Karen Bass Marks One Year Anniversary with a Day of Service

    In commemoration of her one-year anniversary as Speaker of the California Assembly, tomorrow Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) will join her colleagues in the Assembly to participate in a day of service. Bass will join with Assemblymembers to pr