Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • That’s No Small Moon, It’s the GOP Ticket

    by Gabriel Sanchez

    In a humorous attempt to show voters’ dissatisfaction with their choices in the GOP presidential field, a recent Washington Post article discussed the results of a survey that included various fictional villains wi

  • Plastic Bag Company, Up for Auction, Urged to Drop Bag Ban Referendum Effort

    by Steven Maviglio

    Proponents of the effort to protect California’s plastic bag ban today urged Chicago-based Wind Point Partners, the company that owns South Carolina-based plastic bag manufacturer Novolex, to end its effort to overturn

  • Group Calls on Chuck Reed to Return Taxpayer Money for His Pension Politics

    by Steven Maviglio

    Californians for Retirement Security, a 1.6 million member coalition of teachers, firefighters, police officers, school employees, and public employee retirees, today called on former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed not to acce

  • Fuzzy Math Continues To Drive Public Pension Hysteria

    By Association of Deputy District Attorneys Board of Directors

    Public employee pension systems are an integral part of recruiting and retaining high-performing public employees. They align the interests of the employer and the employee.  A

  • Ling-Ling Chang: Hardly an Electoral Leviathan

    by Garry South

    On Friday (and by the way, who announces their candidacy on a Friday?), GOP Senate Minority Leader  Bob Huff and the Orange County Republican grand poobahs pulled a candidate switcheroo in the Senate District 29 race. Like a